Ramadaan | I’tikaaf 1439 / 2018



Virtues of Abu Bakr (RA) 1
Virtues of Abu Bakr (RA) 2
Virtues of Abu Bakr (RA) 3
Virtues of Abubakr (RA) 4
No. 1. Virtues of Abdullah bin Abbas( RA)
No. 4. Virtues of Zubayr ibn Aw-waam (RA)
No. 2. Virtues of Ubada ibn As-samit (RA)
No. 3. Virtues of Abu Dharri Ghifaar (RA)
No. 5. Virtues of Sa’d ibn Muaadh (RA)
No. 6. Virtues of Sa’d ibn Ubada (RA)
No. 7. Virtues of Abu Darda (RA)
No. 8. Virtues of Abu Darda 2 (RA)
No. 9. Virtues of Ka’ab ibn Maalik (RA)
No. 10. Virtues of Ikrama ibn Abujahal (RA)
No. 11. Virtues of Abdullah bn Umar( RA)
No. 12.Virtues of Hakeem ibn Hizaam (RA)
No. 13. Virtues of Abbaas (RA)
No. 14. Virtues of Uqba ibn Aamir (RA)
No. 15. Virtues of Sa’d ibn Waqqaas (RA)
No. 16. Virtues of Khaalid ibn Waleed (RA)
No. 17. Virtues of Khubab (RA)
No. 18. Virtues of Suhaybu Roomi
No. 19. Virtues of Jaafar (RA)
No. 20. Virtues of Thumaama ibn Usaal (RA)
27th Night Program / Forgive others
The contents listed herewith, consist of the guidance and teachings from the lectures of Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb
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