The Barakah of ‘Good Deeds’ will relieve us from the difficulties and challenges of life

Thursday Majlis | Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb



Mufti Saheb commenced his talk on the virtue of reciting Surah Waaqiah.

He referred to four manifestations of Allahs power in Surah Waaqiah:

1) The origin of human beings
2) The origin of food
3) The origin of water
4) The origin of fire and development

He stated when Allah wants, He could deprive us of all these bounties as experienced in Covid 19. It is time to reflect and appreciate these bounties of Allah.

He then quoted the Hadith of the three people who were locked down in a cave. They made Dua through the medium of their good deeds to be relieved from the lock down.

Mufti Saheb advised we should continuously do good deeds. The Barakah of good deeds will relieve us from our difficulties and challenges of life.

He specifically referred to three good deeds:

1) Serve your parents
2) Abstain from Zina
3) Straighten your dealings as landlord, as employer, as creditor.