CoronaVirus | Should Congregational Salaah Continue?



Please can the honourable Ulama provide some proactive guidance on what steps one should take in light of the Coronavirus – Covid19 outbreak and address potential concerns that people may have in terms of congregating at Masaajid?

The virus can remain asymptomatic for around 14 days and other in other cases researchers suggest that the incubation period may even be up to 24 to 27 days before symptoms such as fever, cough and respiratory issues become apparent. Besides those with evident signs and diagnosed with the virus being contagious, it does not rule out that those in the asymptomatic stage may also be contagious but to a lower degree. The virus is spread or caught – if Allah permits – via droplets in the air.

Taking into consideration that this virus based upon existing trends and reports has substantial potential to spread rapidly in the community; should otherwise healthy or asymptomatic individuals take precaution and offer some of their congregational prayers at home and limit their attendance and praying in public Masaajid settings? Except understandably Jumu’ah,Taraweeh & Eid prayers unless an individual has been advised to self-isolate based upon medical professional assessment or advice.

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