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The concept of Fanaa (Total annihilation of the self)
Anger management and Controlling the Nafs
Lost trust in Allah
Repeating a sin with the intention of making Taubah later
Ilm-Deen or Psychiatry? What must a woman rather study?
Five Steps to Stay Away from Sins
Treatment of negative thoughts regarding Allah
What steps can a wife take if her husband is addicted to pornography?
Your Responsibility on Social Media Groups
• I have a bad habit of backbiting (Gheebah)
• Jealousy: What leads to it and it’s Harms and Cure?
• Taking Bay’ah and Rectifying One’s Life – How do I go about doing it?
• Overcoming Waswasah | The Whisperings of Shaytaan
• How can I become close to Allah?
• Can I Commit Suicide?
• Recurring Bad Thoughts
• Overcoming the Habit of Sin
• Intentions to Enter the Path of Tasawwuf and Sulook
• How Does One Know Which Shaykh To Take Bai’ah With?
• What is the definition of Nisbat?
• CoronaVirus | Should Congregational Salaah Continue?
• How can I lead a Sinless life?
 Can one engage himself in the Zikr of Allah Ta’ala through various forms?
• Are There Any Duas to Recite for Anxiety and Depression?
 Pornography Addiction – How do I leave the past behind?
• How does one make Istighfar? | Four things are necessary for the validity of Taubah