Taking Bay’ah and Rectifying One’s Life – How do I go about doing it?



I need  help with the following :

– I need to take Bay’at to a Shaykh to help me stay with Istiqaamat in my Deen but fail to know how to go about choosing a Shaykh? I was told to take someone of same temperament etc how do I determine this? I know from which place I would like to take bay’at InshaAllah but they are so many Shaykh in that place, how do I chose? How do I perform Istikhaarah for it?

– I’m addicted to watching YouTube videos. I really want to stop but find it very hard to. Please advise

– I have Umri Qadha Salah to do. I wasn’t praying till 18 so I have quiet a few years to replace. Please advice how I must go about it without feeling overwhelmed yet with the hope of finishing before passing away.

Please make Dua for my Imaan I really feel like a hypocrite and I’m not saying that out of humbleness. My outward and so called “deeni title” doesn’t match my inward and privacy. Really hoping for help.

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